In addition to the Audi exclusive customised exterior colour range, Audi exclusive will also be available in four design tiers. These are: Black, Line, open and Bespoke. Although different in execution , all levels of Audi exclusive have once primary element in common: uncompromising quality without question.

Audi exclusive Black

Audi exclusive “Black” focuses on exterior enhancements only. As the most cost effective Audi exclusive item, it includes the Black styling package and a selection of alloy wheels. These items are only available on the Audi A1, A3, A4, A5 and Q5 models.


Audi exclusive Line

Audi exclusive Line will be offered for the Audi A4, A5 and Q5 models only. As the mid-level offer for Audi exclusive, it focuses on interior enhancements with special leather upholstery in a selection of colours. Also included are contrast seams and stitching and door sill trims featuring the Audi exclusive logo.


Audi exclusive open

Available exclusively for cabriolet versions of the Audi A5, S5, RS 5 and R8 Spyder, Audi excusive open allows customers to completely define their interior with no restriction to colour choice. These colours are applied to set sections of the front and rear seats in fine leather.


Audi exclusive Bespoke

For customers who wish to have virtually no limitation to enhancing the exterior and interior of their cars, the top Audi exclusive offer allows for just that. The sky is the limit in terms of interior and exterior colour combinations with no restrictions placed on any combination or idea. This exclusive offer is only available for A6, A7, A8, RS and R models.