exclusive paint.

Audi exclusive exterior paint choices allow you to stand out from the crowd. If your colour of choice isn’t listed in Audi’s existing range of more than 170 previously defined colours, you can request a unique, custom-mixed colour simply by providing a colour swatch, image or item in the shade you want replicated on your Audi. The only limit is your imagination.

Model Range Recommended Retail Price
Audi A1 R 30 860
Audi A3 R 30 860
Audi Q3 R 30 860
Audi A4 R 32 210
Audi A5 R 32 210
Audi Q5 R 32 210
Audi TT R 32 210
Audi A6 R 39 640
Audi A7 R 39 640
Audi A8 R 44 690
Audi R8 R 46 230

All Audi paints are water based and contain no harsh chemicals. Four layers thick, the paint surface measures no thicker than that of a human hair, yet is configured to maintain its colour and lustre for decades, Please note that with special once-off colours (not part of the 170 existing customised shades), require testing for quality and safety to see if it is possible to produce. This will lead to additional production time. Please contact your nearest dealer for more information.

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